Global is the new local. There’s little doubt about it. And projects spanning more than one country (and often, more than one continent) are no exception, especially in areas such as IT, design and technology-related areas. Each time an individual or company says no to global, they’re missing large and juicy opportunities.

It’s a great time to be young and fresh. For those of us who aren’t, there is much loss to suffer. However, deciding to go globsl is only the first step and it’s scary. You may feel the need to grieve, but in order to succeed you need to get your game-face back on, and remember that you have the advantages of experience and perspective from the many years you’ve worked (and the many things you learned).

There’s, however, one problem: The playing field has never been so level. Everyone can compete — or cooperate — with everyone. Literally. So in order to stay ahead of the rest, you need to harness every little advantage you may have. And that’s where partnering with people from overseas come into play.
Citing an example from one of my latest projects, we had a request from a new customer in Australia, who wanted to create not only a website but to develop their whole brand from scratch.

One of the first requirements was that designers working on the projects had to meet personally a few times during the project, to discuss and tune up logos, website, etc. Since moving across the world just to meet with them was going to be too expensive for them, I decided to look up some Australian customers who were in the logo design business and had their offices in Brisbane.

I just had to look for graphic design brisbane and logo design brisbane to come up with several companies but one of the caught my eye: Bydaughters They are from the city my client was from, and they had a large customer base in the city, something my client really appreciated. After working through the design tasks, they handed us over everything and we started the website development stage. The result? A (very) happy customer and a reasonably budget, and without me moving across the world to work.

From my vantage point, there is a lot of design talent beyond our borders — educated, clear thinking, visionary, with great enthusiasm and a tremendous work ethic. Get unshocked, and get ready to play. It’s a good thing. Trust me.