I don’t know about you, but I like to write the title of the post at the end. It makes sense to pick a title only after writing an article because the title usually summarizes the text. Sometimes I have no idea what’s the right title, but it reveals itself after writing the last paragraph.

This post is not about finding the right title for a blog post, it’s about a new Blogger feature (or a bug?) that shows this message as soon as you start writing a post: “Required field must not be blank”. The warning is placed below the title field, but it’s not obvious that it refers to the title. Click “ignore warning” and the warning is displayed again in a few seconds.

You can’t save, preview or publish post if you haven’t picked a title. This is really dangerous: what happens if you write a long post and the browser crashes? Until now, Blogger automatically saved the post as a draft and you could find it later. Now it’s no longer saved until you write a title.