The best ecommerce web hosts today offer a variety of features to make it easier to sell online and increase your traffic. Many web hosts combine low cost, one-click script design and in-house U.S. tech support as the ultimate options for businesses in America.

With others, you can host unlimited sites, register domains for free, get security options and build all of your sites from one web design platform. For example, you can get ecommerce web hosting from Network Solutions and also customize your site, market your store, build mobile commerce and register a domain for free. All of this is supposed by in-house support based in the United States.

In addition, hosting plans should include all of the features that customers need to make their shopping experience secure and organized. Web hosting plans should include multiple secure check out options, SSL certifications, payment support, free advertising and marketing tools.

With these tools, you can easily set up advertising on your site and offer promotions for your merchandise while also being able to track what customers are buying.

Most importantly, ecommerce sites need bandwidth, security and storage features above all else. A good host will provide excellent bandwidth to allow you to create and update unlimited product pages and continuously store products while beefing up your site’s defenses against scammers, spammers and hackers.

When purchasing web hosting, look for security options, ecommerce solutions, all-in-one store builders, secure shopping carts, free domain registration and in-house U.S. technical support so that your business is professional and ready for anything.