If you work around any sort of civil engineering teams, then you have probably seen geophysical instruments before. These are high tech tools used for data collection and 3D imaging to help with mining excavation, groundwater exploration and environmental studies.

Advanced Geometrics, Inc is a leading provider of geometric tools and devices. Their PowerSting external transmitter is used in multiple industries including government agencies and civil engineering projects.

The PowerSting is the ultimate device for resistivity and induced polarization. This device allows for both 2D and 3D imaging in addition to 3D offset electrical imaging. One of the other projects that gets a lot of attention is the resistivity meter by AGI.

With the MiniSting, you’re able to get a low cost IP instrument that helps for small resistivity projects. Many businesses use this exact meter for testing grounding grids and corrosion control.

In addition, AGI also produces the EarthImager 2D, which is a resistivity and data software package that provides 2D images for Windows PC. This is the latest software for any civil engineering team that uses geometric devices on a daily basis.

AGI thrives on its customers to provide feedback and always gives customers the utmost respect and detailed responses to their inquiries. It’s one of the reasons that so many people choose to purchase their geophysical instruments from AGI.

With so many different geophysical retailers moving online, you can trust AGI to provide excellent products, able and knowledgeable technicians and detailed customer service that will answer all of your questions for any product.