Accessorizing Your Cloud

Cloud computing is no longer the wave of the future – it’s how computing is done here and now. More and more enterprises are choosing to conduct business in the cloud. In fact, recently IBM released findings in their study stating that the number of companies switching over to the cloud will more than double over the next three years. Businesses realize that in order to save time and money as well as stay competitive, moving to the cloud is key. Companies such as TekTonic have been helping businesses successfully make the transition.

Virtual Private Servers – Just the Beginning

Virtual private servers are at the heart of cloud computing. However, simply using a virtual private server alone is a lot like having a smart phone with no apps. Yes, it’ll make phone calls but you won’t be taking full advantage of its functionality. In the same way, virtual private servers have several optional services available that help increase performance and uptime. When setting up your cloud computing account, consider adding these services:

  • Resource upgrades – A utility resource upgrade allows you to fine tune your resource allotment. Both storage and bandwidth can be increased. A popular option is to pay by the gigabyte, so you only pay for what you need. Customized storage and bandwidth can often be had for only about 25 cents or less per gigabyte.
  • Load balancing – This service distributes the load across multiple servers. Load balancing is an effective contingency – in case one server fails, other servers can continue serving requests. Load balancing also uses multiple servers to serve pages and results in more power during high usage.
  • Automatic backup – There is no question that having automatic backup service is one of the most important services you can have. Look for a service that automatically backs up your data to dedicated servers at least once a day. Some backup services also keep up to seven days of backups available. The peace of mind a backup service brings is priceless.
  • Monitoring – Pro-active monitoring is another service that can help bring peace of mind. If a virtual private server or cloud is left unmonitored, errors and crashes can take place and go unresolved, leaving your users – and your business – in the lurch. A monitoring service ensures any errors are immediately looked into and resolved as quickly as possible to ensure optimum uptime for your server. Some monitoring services also include content checking, so be sure to ask.