When starting up a business or developing a new branch of their activities, people often tend to think that “if you build a good product or develop a useful service, clients will come”. Although partially true, this approach can be the cause of missing many potential clients.

The reasons are many but the two most often cited are; clients not trusting your product/service enough to buy it, or worse, not even knowing about your company or product, leaving out a potentially great product that can solve their specific problems. In order to let people/companies know about what you have to offer and, also importantly, build a trust relationship with you, the right marketing tools and strategies must be deployed, so that they don’t play against you.

According to several studies, more than half of the purchasing cycle is used by companies for performing an assessment of, first, what their problem is, then what possible solutions are available and finally, decide which of them is the one that best suits their needs (and fits in their budget, also an important variable to consider).
Reaching out to these people is quite a challenge and many companies don’t know where to start, crippling their marketing capacity. But CEOs and marketing managers do not need to break their heads, trying to re-invent the wheel and come up with the right marketing and customer-relationship plans, as there are other people who have faced similar problems in the past and developed effective solutions.

This can really help you and your company’s management team in the management of business accounts (especially those that have the greatest profit potential) and developing long-lasting trust relationships with them and can make your products and services reach their full potential, through customized marketing strategies and relationship-management, as well as internal training of your company’s personnel to work as a unit and enhance current relationships with your customers and build new ones.

But how do you find these insights? Fortunately, there are sites like Whale Communications (with their Sonar Moment interviews), which provide tips and insights from CEOs and entrepreneurs and their businesses. These video interviews with CEOs and managers from leading companies in the Pacific Northwest are posted on their website on a monthly basis, so people can see how they were able to get their products and services in the market. This Canadian company also offers many of these services (see products here to learn more) so they can be a huge ally when it comes to conquering the market.