This article is written by Valerie and sponsored by Flixya.

The original concept of Flixya was to allow people to take the money they made from their user-generated content on the site and to donate it directly to charity. Over time, the company adopted a model that combines social networking with monetization and with the Google AdSense API, they’re now allowing users to take home 100% of the revenue they make off of their media. As you can see below, the media included on this site ranges from how-to videos to entertainment-related videos to videos that are intended to just be funny and, hopefully, shared among many different users.

AdSense Integration

AdSense is one of the most popular tools for monetization on the Internet. Created by Google, it allows users to easily sign up for an account and to place ads on their blogs, homepages, and so forth. The Flixya offering allows users to put these advertisements on their video sites and, when visitors click on one, they get 100% of the revenue generated by that click through.

AdSense has recently added a new interface, pictured below, which allows users to manage their accounts very easily. The page shown is the main page, where the user sees their earnings, history and so forth, allowing them to get an idea of how well their campaigns are faring.

Advertisments can be managed in ways that allow you to select those domains you want excluded from your campaign and so forth. There are quite a few features on this system that make it very popular. They include:

  • Easy payment
  • Integration with other Google services
  • The non-intrusive advertising format

Anyone with a Google ID can get an AdSense account and start making money off of the system. The sign up process is very simple and, thanks to the new management console, it’s easy to get all of the information about your earnings instantly.

The Flixya Integration Program

AdSense ads are located at the top or sides of the page, as shown below.

AdSense ads are based on the content being shown. In cases where there are no particular keywords, random ads may come up.

Turning on this program is not hard at all. You simply sign up for a Flixya account. Some Flixya users recommend specific techniques to generate more revenue with this system. Here are some tips from users on the system:

  • Include larger ads rather than smaller ones
  • Place the ads high on the page
  • Blue links are preferable
  • Do not use borders on ads
  • Use the AdSense Custom Channels Feature

Generating Content

The Flixya system thrives on user-generated content. The more interesting your content is the better it will be for your AdSense program. A look at the top vides shows that the leaders are not too surprising. Videos that include entertainers, ways to make money and information about travel rank high. News videos are also highly-rated. The important thing is that you’re offering something different to users than the rest of the pack.

Other Advantages

Flixya comes with several other advantages for the monetizing Internet entrepreneur. You can use social networking icons so that your viewers can share your content very quickly and easily, and this can help draw visitors to your page and your AdSense ads. You can also take advantage of the fact that the system has a clean, easy-to-understand interface that nobody should be confused by when trying to figure out how to operate it.

In Summation

The integration of AdSense with the regular features on Flixya is long overdue. AdSense is one of the easiest and most reliable ways for webmasters to monetize their content. The fact that Flixya allows you to pocket 100% of that revenue, of course, really cannot be improved upon!

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