I liked this combination of offer email and landing page for Google Adwords. Although the design for both is straightforward (as you’d expect from Google), both are well structured with clear layouts, good copywriting and clear calls-to-action.

Google Adwords email

Google Adwords offer email

I’d probably add a button to the email so that the call-to-action is a little stronger and emphasize the limited time element of the offer.

I like that the landing page, below, carries over the design of the email and does not have any unnecessary links or other page elements.

Google Adwords landing page

Google Adwords offer landing page

I would probably change how the email appears in my inbox. Although the sender was clearly identified as ‘Google Analytics’ the subject line unnecessarily repeated it by saying ‘Google Analytics: $100 Advertising Offer on Google Adwords’.

In addition the email does not use a preheader, and so in Gmail the subject line is followed by the first available line of text which doesn’t read too clearly.