SEO Tools and Functioning of SEO

There are so many SEO tools available in the market that play crucial role in the functioning of SEO. The main work of an SEO company is to promote sites. To bring the perfect site on the page rank, SEO companies take help of various types of SEO tools. Below we are discussing some of the necessary SEO tools:

Domain Age tool

Domain age is important to find out if the website is stable or not. There are so many websites created everyday but very few exist for a long time. Search engines generally take the websites for page ranking that stay on the web for a long time. Domain age tools help the search engines displaying the approximate age of websites on internet. It can also show you the starting look of the website.

Similar page checker

Search engines are not favorable for those sites which have same contents or duplicate contents. Readers or viewers needs updated information and innovative ways of writing contents if the website cannot give anything new and different then it will not have any use for the readers and its viewers. That is why similar page checker is important to check whether the site has duplicate or similar content. This tool can give you how much similar the pages are.

Keyword density checker

Keywords are taken to be the most effective point of a website to get search engines’ page rank. Keyword density checker creeps to the specified URL to get the text as a search engine. Then it displays the density of keywords removing the common stop words.

Besides there are many more SEO tools that help the SEO to function well.

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