By Joseph Summers
Web 2.0 has become something of a buzzword in the online marketing industry which gets thrown around quite a bit, though many are unclear on just what it means. What is Web 2.0? Its a somewhat nebulous concept which doesnt necessarily lend itself to a single cut-and-dried definition, though there is a growing consensus as to what exactly is ” and is not Web 2.0.

The basic idea behind this shift in the approach to online content has to do with making the World Wide Web more user friendly and interactive. One of the hallmarks of Web 2.0 is user-supplied content on community-oriented sites; for example, Facebook, YouTube and Digg, along with any number of blogs. Web 2.0 is characterized by interactive rather than one way static communication channels which allow web users to build communities based on mutual interests and platforms which facilitate truly interactive communication.

What do all of these developments in web technology mean for internet marketers? In a word, opportunities. Opportunities to reach narrowly targeted groups of consumers, opportunities to get out ahead of the media and manage your own brand image and corporate identity and opportunities to communicate directly with consumers one on one.

This could center on video or digital photography submissions, for instance. It will almost certainly involve the use of social bookmarking and networking efforts. Start putting together creative ideas about how you can leverage this new Internet power for marketing. Don’t forget about creating toolbars, widgets, and things like that for visitors to download.

Establishing an identity for your business on social networking sites allows you to reach a much larger audience than you could using nearly any other method ” and of course, its also free. While you should make your business available to users of social networks, you should avoid using this platform to advertise outright; in fact, almost nothing will alienate people more quickly.

Above all, you need to be unique. You have to target a niche market and tailor your Internet marketing efforts to them. Be more creative than everyone else and find ways to make yourself look like the expert. This involves remembering the limitations of Web 2.0: democracy strongly tends to create mediocrity. Your visitors are mostly not businessmen or marketers, and the average visitor will not be the most imaginative or intelligent person. They cannot be the ones who control you.

Social media sites like YouTube are a place where you can reach many potential customers. Again, the best approach to take is to be informative rather than making a sales pitch; you can provide a link to your website for interested viewers to use if theyd like to learn more. This and other community-supplied video sites are another good way for internet marketers in any industry to leverage the potential of Web 2.0 platforms to reach the consumer, particularly the highly desirable youth market.

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