FlashEff is an advanced Flash effects component (works both on Flash CS3 and Flash CS4, AS3.0) developed by JumpeyeComponents for easing the animation/transition process. It is also a collection of over 140 effect patterns (and growing) that enable cool transition effects and interactive actions on visual objects and texts. FlashEff can be fully used/customized from both, the visual interface and from code.

FlashEff 2 Premium Plus Beta Invitation Patterns Showcase

SmashingApps and FlashEff are teaming up exclusively to do our part and providing you the opportunity to use the most robust and beautiful Flash Effects Component for free. All of you will get access to FlashEff2 BETA. This is only a phase in releasing the actual commercial FlashEff2 product which will be delivered in different packages (Free, Premium and Premium Plus). When there will be a commercial release of the product, the beta one will stop working and all users will only have access to the free version. In the beta phase you will get the FlashEff2 features equivalent to the Premium Plus commercial license (to be launched). So you would be the first and only one who can get the chance to use FlashEff2 (for a limited time).

All you have to do to get your free beta invitation is to share what do you think for this beta invitation giveaway.  When sharing your thoughts please post a link to this post.  You can spread your words in any of the following ways…

To make you confirm for Free FlashEff 2 Premium Plus Beta Invitation you will need to post it on Twitter,  or post it on your blog. You can spread your words in anyway you like as long as we can verify it and you can post the link in the comments below to share with us that how you spread the words. Also, don’t forget to follow us on twitter.

You must need to use a valid email address to get free access to FlashEff 2 Beta invitation for free (Premium Plus package) and May 18, 2009 will be the last day to comment in order to participate. You will be received an email message before May 22nd with a specific link to access the FlashEff 2 Beta product. All the commenter will get the beta invitation either they are 10, 100 or whatever. So, why are you waiting for now?

Here are some samples you can post on twitter

* Rush Now And Get Your Free FlashEff 2 Premium Plus Beta Invitationhttp://tinyurl.com/d5c37n
* I would love to get Free FlashEff 2 Premium Plus Beta Invitation.  Do you want to get it as well?http://tinyurl.com/d5c37n

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Rush Now And Get Your Free FlashEff 2 Premium Plus Beta Invitation – http://tinyurl.com/d5c37n

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