Over the over 6 years I’ve been working on Internet, I have encountered many people and companies with their own online businesses. Many of  the small and medium business owners, who base their businesses on e-commerce websites like Ebay and Etsy, are starting to branch out and are jumping to their own webstores.

My wife and I were in this position a few years ago. Although we kept our Ebay Store available, we were working towards have our own e-commerece website. The first step for us was to shop around for web hosting services and we know that we needed an e-commerce hosting package that included evertyhing we needed and that, to some extent, it was dummy-proof, as we intended to delegate some tasks to third parties.

We found one that seemed to work, at first, but we ended up having many problems and fewer customers. In retrospective, I wish we had found a hosting service like Network Solutions’s ecommerce web hosting packages. They offer a similar price to what we paid, but it does not charge any transaction fees! As webstores begin to increase sales, those fees can become a huge difference at the end of the month, not to mention when the holidays roll around and your volume goes (ideally) to the roof. We almost fainted when we saw the fees after our first Halloween sale.

I seriously urge anyone who is looking for a e-commerce hosting company, or even for personal websites, to make an educated decision. It is worth it to spend a little time to shop around Network Solutions and find the hosting package that is right for you. It also helps to compare features (with those from other providers), such as domain name, business emails, security, credit card processing, etc ., and you’ll find out that cheapest is not always synonym for best.