Comic books are great fun. Collecting comic books is an enjoyable hobby and can be an awesome investment. But how can you keep track of everything you have? And how do you contact other people if you want to trade or sell you comics?

Well, one way is to sign up for a free account at ITaggit. ITaggit is a free web-based service that helps you to keep track of your valuable comic books, helping you with organizing, and appraising your comics. You can use the site for buying, selling, or simply connecting with others that have the same passion for comic books. ITaggit also offers a Comic Price Guide which you can use to estimate you comics’ real value. Who knows? you may have a gold mine in your hands!

You can organize your comics into ‘collections’ so that you can easily keep track of what you have, and record important information such as where and when you acquired the items. You can also shop for comics directly at the site.

ITaggit isn’t just for comics. You may use iTaggit to keep track of things that have meaning to you, such as Antiques, Art, Classic Cars, Books, Jewelry, or any other collectible.

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