Like many other Mac users I do most of my coding in TextMate. It has tons of really nice features, one of which is its extensibility – if you need support for a coding language that isn’t included with TextMate, you can add it yourself.

Well, I’ve been using Robert Nyman’s DOMAssistant JavaScript library quite a bit lately, and TextMate doesn’t support DOMAssistant’s methods and syntax. I was getting a bit annoyed at knowing that I was doing a lot of unnecessary typing because of this, so I decided to create a TextMate bundle for DOMAssistant.

Armed with my copy of TextMate, James Edward Gray II’s excellent TextMate: Power Editing for the Mac, and the DOMAssistant documentation, I started hacking away. This was the first time I took a closer look at adding support for a language in TextMate, but it turned out that it really isn’t that difficult.

After a few hours of work, the result is a DOMAssistant TextMate bundle with tab triggered snippets for all methods, a code completion dictionary, and documentation links for all DOMAssistant keywords.

If you use TextMate and DOMAssistant I think this will save you a few keystrokes :-).

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Remember that this is my first TextMate bundle, so please be gentle.

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