PureMobile iPhone BlackI’ve been searching for an unlocked version of the iPhone, which I can then use in any part of the world using GSM 850/900/1800/1900 bands. Although many sites offer unlocked cellphones, certainly offering unlocked iPhones is a feat few can achieve.

I visited 40-50 different online stores, checking their prices and then coming back to this site to check their reviews. Always it was the same; the further I got down Google’s search results, the worse the reviews became. I finally headed over to several cellphone/smartphone forums. I pleaded my case to their members and quite a few answered with recommendations for Puremobile. I checked out their review here at CNET and Bizrate and was pleased to see that most were favorable. I decided then that it probably wasn’t going to get any better so I took the word of the forum users and entered my order.

I filled my order at roughly 12:10pm on the 8th, selecting Economy shipping which guaranteed I would receive my phone within 3-4 days. I received an email from Puremobile three hours later with the tracking number. At 9:30am (the 9th) I was woken from my sleep by the doorbell. Opening the package I was amazed to see that it was the iPhone!. Less than 24 hours had gone by since ordered it (with Economy shipping, mind you) and I was now holding it in my hands.
Apple iPhone
How about the website, you may ask?. You pick the items you want to purchase. Put them in your shopping cart and when you’re ready check out.  Every aspect is easy to read and understand. Very efficient, a plus for those who want everything by yesterday and hate to fill long forms just to add a product to their shopping cart.

Whether you’re looking for an iPhone, HTC Touch, or an LG cell phone this site makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for. The menu on the left provides quick access to the (neatly arranged) main products, while the main body of the page shows you the latest offers from the site.

Having worked in Web Development for several years now, I can’t help paying attention to detail when it comes to “using” a site. I really liked their “one click” add to cart function, and the smart optional they offer when adding items to the cart, all this without having to sign up at the site. Really nifty.

I also liked their order tracking system (for premium shipping only, though), which allows me to follow my order all the way to my doorstep. This is reassuring, as I always feel uneasy when spending money on the Internet and do not know where my order is.

Payment options are good, if you live in North America. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Wire Transfer, although buyers outside North America can only pay by Wire Transfer, which can be a problem for those not living in the US/Canada.